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Amanda Sinistaj

Amanda is an adventure seeker, a self taught artist and accomplished Interior Designer. After working many years under an incredible mentor, Amanda branched out in February of 2012 and founded Ellwood Interiors, Inc. A company that prides itself on being both humble and versatile.

The firm specializes in luxury projects ranging from 3,000 square foot remodels up to 20,000 square foot residential new construction. Her personal design philosophy starts with the clients at the heart of the project ensuring the space reflects who they are. Her aesthetic is clean, timeless and embodies a term she calls “livable luxury”. Amanda looks after specific design duties including AutoCAD drawings, renderings, general consulting, presenting selections, custom detailing, furniture sales and the finishing touches.

Amanda is a graduate from Michigan State University and is the recipient of over 20 awards for design excellence in metro Detroit, MI. She has been featured in dozens of publications both locally and nationally including Detroit Home, Builder Architect, and Styleline magazines as well as periodical editorials and radio interviews. She has been featured on the Food Network series “Food Court Wars” in charge of remodeling two of the featured kitchens. Applying both talent and professionalism she has worked on many successful projects throughout the states including her home state, Michigan, but also in North Carolina, Illinois, California, Maryland, Colorado, Florida and Arizona.

Amanda is particularly proud of her crew at Ellwood Interiors, Inc. who are insanely talented, equally as compassionate and just as food motivated as she is.

A big believer that success starts with giving back, Amanda supports and has worked with the Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, Looking for my sister, St. Ann’s Food bank, Barbara Ann Karmanos Institute, Sweet Dreams Project, Gleaners and Forgotten Harvest to name a few. It is a personal goal of hers to be of service to the community first.

If you are interested in contacting Amanda for a consultation you can email her at or visit OUR WORK page to view current projects or by calling 248.703.7157.

She is looking forward to transforming your own beautiful space.